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DHA Bahawalpur Files Rates Updates 29 March 2018

DHA Bahawalpur File Rates Below are the DHA Bahawalpur File Rates Updates 29 March 2018 By Lahore Real Estate a Authorized Dealer. DHA Bahawalpur Land Affidavit (1-Kanal) 27.90 Lacs(limited Files) DHA Bahawalpur Land Allocation (1-Kanal) 26.90 Lacs For Buying & Selling In DHA Please DHA Bahawalpur Contact: Ch. Saeed...

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DHA Bahawalpur 1 Kanal Affidavit & Allocation File Rates 31st August 2017

DHA Bahawalpur Files Prices Update DHA Bahawalpur Installments Files Detail (10-Marla) Residential Booking Price 22 Lacs including Profit 24 Lacs *{hard to find} (1-Kanal) Residential Booking Price 38 Lacs including Profit 39 Lacs *{hard to sell} (2-Kanal) Residential Booking Price 90 Lacs including Profit 93 Lacs *{hard to find}...

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